Courses description
Information about the structure and contents of the courses


Courses description

The Human and Universal Energy method, also known as Universal Energy (UE) method, is provided as an educational program composed of 8 different courses, that are referred to as UE levels. The term level is used to indicate that the courses need to be attended in series, whereas a student needs to attend the basic (initial) level first in order to attend the next level, and subsequently in the same procedure up to the highest level.


The completion of the course is formalized with a certificate given to the students for the corresponding UE level.



Course name Included levels Duration
BASIC LEVEL 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 2 days
INTERMEDIATE LEVEL 1 5.1, 5.2, 6 2 days
ADVANCED LEVEL 1 11, 12, 13 2 days
ADVANCED LEVEL 2 13+, 13++ 2 days
ORIENTAL PHILOSOPHY 16, 17, 18 3 days



The UE method is based on the theory that our body receives the flow of Universal Energy through the main centers or "chakras" located on our body. This flow of energy can be disrupted by various factors, but mainly due to the mental and physical stress that people experience in their life, which can cause weakening of the immune system and eventually health issues if the condition exists for a prolonged time.


As a solution to these issues, the UE method teaches three core concepts that can improve the energy flow to the body and help us regain the mental and physical state. The core concepts are: meditation, channeling of the energy and the philosophy of Mankind Enlightenment Love (MEL) that teaches about positive thinking towards ourselves and the surrounding. These concepts are not easily applied in real life, especially in today's turbulent world. The UE method, however, teaches that by activating our natural latent potentials, we can effectively apply these concepts.


The students can activate and enhance these potentials in a process of deep meditation, which is carried out during the courses for each UE level. Initially, this process starts with the “opening” or activation of chakras and then continues further with increasing the overall energetic potentials. These latent potentials exist in every human being and everyone has a chance to activate them. The activated potentials are applied through a set of defined techniques specified in the student’s manual. 


The techniques are used to calm the mind and properly channel the universal energy to areas of the body affected with certain dysfunction or tension. The process of channeling Universal Energy is simply called “transfer of universal energy” or “energy transfer”. The continuous application of positive energy vibrations to the body may help the cells and organs regenerate and restore their normal function, thus improving the overall health.


Starting at the Basic Level, the three core concepts (meditation, channeling of the energy and positive thinking), are learned and practiced in their simplified form. In the following levels, the UE method delves deeper into the same concepts by extending and introducing more advanced techniques and covering additional areas of application for ourselves and the surrounding. 


The UE levels are designed as steps for gradual advancement, allowing the students to have the time to experience and grasp the base concepts before moving further into more advanced application. In this manner, students have a chance to continuously increase their natural potentials and elevate their state of mind, with the end goal to create more positive outcomes for themselves and the surrounding.


The UE method does not use medications and drugs and does not prescribe changes in the diet. The practice primarily involves positive mental focus, hence it can be applied along any medical treatment. The UE method is never intended to be a substitute to the official medicine.