Legal disclaimer


Legal disclaimer

MEL Global is a website that provides general information about the method of Human and Universal Energy (HUE) and a directory of independent organisations (so called UE centers) and instructors around the globe that provide the HUE method.


The enlisted UE centers and instructors teach the authentic HUE method and the philosophy of Mankind Enlightenment Love (MEL), as originally conceived by Master Luong Minh Dang. They use this website to announce their agenda of courses. The instructors are solely responsible for the subject matter taught in the courses. For more information about the legal aspects, open the page “Worldwide Centers” and navigate to the website of the respective UE center.


This method is offered to anyone without any prior training required. The method taught in the courses is not a substitute for advice from a medical professional. It should not be construed as an attempt to provide any medical advice, diagnosis or treatment, or otherwise engage in the practice of medicine. There are no financial obligations other than the course costs.


The minimum age for participation is 14 years. Parental consent is required for minors.


The content of this website can be revised and adapted without further notice.


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