The general bylaws of the UE method




Listed below are the general Bylaws to be used by all Worldwide Centers, as approved by Master Luong Minh Dang.


DEFINITION: This is a method of applying Universal Energy as a healing and preventive tool to promote health.


TRAINING COURSES: In general, the Training Courses are designed to make this tool available to the people who are interested. We only provide the guideline, and the practitioners are the ones who decide the effectiveness of this teaching through their personal applications. There are several key points we make sure the students understand when they attend the classes:


  1. We do not prescribe any form of chemical substance nor medication, and we do not propose any dietary program.
  2. We work in conjunction with the current medical standard, and we do not give advice on medical related issues, such as continuing with chemotherapy, undergoing surgery, etc. We strongly recommend the clients to consult with their physicians on these matters.
  3. We can apply this technique to help other people upon their request. If there is a request and we are not available, we can decline or wait until we are free. There is no obligation, a person can learn this technique simply for his/her own health and if he/she does not wish to help anyone there is no problem, he/she can still transfer energy to heal effectively.
  4. We always make sure the students understand this is not a religion. This method is an alternative way to help mankind discover another aspect of the latent potentials of the human mind and body. Through the study and practice, we can develop our knowledge to have a better view about life from both – physical and spiritual perspectives.
  5. We offer this method to all people without any discrimination in regard to color, race, religion, sex, politics or physical handicap. Anyone can learn Universal Energy Healing, under one condition that he/she must be at least 14 years old.
  6. We can transfer energy to help anyone who requests it and the service is totally free of charge. We do not make demands when people ask us to transfer energy to heal them.