Apply for a course
Procedure to attend the basic and subsequent levels


Apply for a course

To apply for the course, please open the page “Worldwide Centers” and navigate to the website of the nearest center in order to view the schedule of courses that the center provides, including their date, location, fees and other related information. Besides the course fees, there are no financial obligations for the students. Anyone aged 18+ can attend the courses (or with parental consent if aged between 14-18) and no special prior education is required.


The goal of the UE school and the philosophy of Mankind Enlightenment Love (MEL) is for the practitioners to experience real positive changes in their life, which can happen if the practitioners are ready to dedicate some time to practice the UE method on a regular basis. On account of this goal, the UE teaching has a principle that no one should influence other people on making the decision whether and when to learn the UE method, either by personal persuading or marketing and promotional means.


In accordance to this principle, the UE centers part of the MEL Global network normally schedule courses when there is interest by people to attend a certain UE level. People express the interest by contacting the centers about the UE level they wish to complete and the dates at which it's most convenient for them to attend the course.


During the courses, students learn the theory and practice of the UE method and receive a manual for application of the techniques. When the course is over, the students can practice the learned material, following the student’s manual, at any time and any location they wish. The students do not have any obligation to apply what they have learned or apply at a strict routine, attend activities or events related to the courses and the UE method, or keep contact and give feedback on their application to the instructors or anyone else.


At each level, even on the Basic Level only, the students learn sufficient techniques that can help them improve their mental and physical health, if applied properly and on a continuous day-to-day basis. The students do not need to complete all the levels in order to gain effects by applying the UE method. There is no graduation or some sort of final certification upon completing all the levels. For some people, the Basic Level is good enough to create sufficient positive changes to themselves and the close ones.


The UE students do not need to consult with other people, not even with the instructors, on the decision if and when is the right time to continue on to the next level. It's best for the student to solely make this decision, depending on their feeling and reasoning, available time to practice and other circumstances in their life.