Welcome to MEL Global
General information on the method of Human and Universal Energy


Welcome to MEL Global

MEL Global is a network of independent organizations/centers around the globe that provide courses in the method of Human and Universal Energy (HUE) and the philosophy of Mankind Enlightenment Love (MEL), as originally taught by Master Luong Minh Dang.


This method, also known simply as Universal Energy method (UE method), is based on the theory that our body receives the flow of Universal Energy through the main centers or "chakras" located on our body. This flow of energy can be disrupted by various factors, but mainly due to the mental and physical stress that people experience in their life, which can cause weakening of the immune system and eventually health issues if the condition exists for a prolonged time.


The primary objective of the UE method is to help the practitioners regain their mental and physical state by improving the flow of energy in their body. To accomplish this, the practitioners learn to apply techniques for calming the mind and channeling the energy to affected areas of the body, in order to help the cells and organs regenerate and restore their normal function.   


To be able to effectively apply the techniques, the practitioners undergo a process of activation of the natural latent abilities, which exist in every human being. The continuous application of the techniques can help people overcome their health issues and maintain a strong immune system. 


The UE method is provided as an educational program composed of 8 different courses, detailed in the page “Courses Description”. To attend the courses, please open the page “Worldwide Centers” and navigate to the website of your nearest center in order to view the schedule of courses that the center provides, including their date, location and information on how to apply.


The author of the HUE method is Master LƯƠNG MINH ÐÁNG (1942-2007), who is also known as Master Dang. He dedicated 35 years of his life to build the theoretical and practical foundations of the HUE method and to share it to students in more than 60 countries. For more information, please open the page "About Master Dang".


There are a number of organizations and individuals in the world that teach a derived or modified version of this method. The UE centers part of the MEL Global network, however, are committed to provide only the authentic and unmodified version of the HUE method as presented by Master Dang, believing that it produces the best results when applied in its original form.